Your Passive Income Diva


Hi, I am Kimbra Owens. I was born in upstate new York, and I am the daughter of a preacher. I used to serve as the music minister at my church. In fact,we are recording artists, having released two albums in the 1990s, which allow me to travel the country singing gospel music.

As a person. I've always believed in God and His comnipresence. And always strive on the fact that He is always there to order my steps.

I've had a chronic illness for more than two decades. Thus, I can confidently state that I am blessed to be here, blessed to be among the living, having nearly died twice. I was 22 year old when I developed double pneumonia, was hospitalized, and was initially diagnosed with Lupus. Then, 2 years later, I suffered from a stroke. it took nearly a year with a Physical Therapist to help me regain. at least 90% of my strength and get moving again

I've been through a lot over the last couple of years. My father also passed a way in 2019. I was homeless; L had lost my home, my car, and I had nowhere to stay. Additionally, I was bedridden due to my Lupus, which I still have. I suffer from this daily.

Thus, at the time. I considered starting a business in order to continue paying my bills. That is, selling my son's gently used clothing. I began selling them on Ebay. Back then. I remember we only have yahoo and My space. We don't have Facebook yet, But that didn't stop me from purchasing additional clothing. such as plus-size clothing, girls purses, and many different things to sell on ebay.

Additionally, there was a church that was giving away clothing Truckloads for free. All you had to do was pay for the gas to get these clothes. Back in 2007 and 2008, gas was not nearly as expensive. Gas was under $2 a gallon at the time. As a result, I'm going to pay for the gas to get the clothes and then resell them on eBay. Nonetheless, through God's providence and may own efforts and diligence, my eBay business quickly gained popularity.

At that time. I was able to feed my one son. Xavier, who is the absolute love of my life. I'm single Mom but i try to instill in him the best man he can be in life and business. Being a single mom is the most empowering and challenging thing i've ever done. it is tough when i have the same responsibilities as dual-working parent families, I'm proud to say that i managed everything on my own. That's on top of juggling the demands of work and the desire to be a good parent who spends time with my Xavier.

Growing a business is not easy. especially when you have kids. I made up my mind that becoming my own boss outweighs working for anybody any day. My son sees my ups and downs but knows I never give up. He sees the laughs. he sees the tears, and he also reaps the fruit of my wins. That's the fun part. When you want something, you work hard for it. That's all he sees. and what he sees. he will imitate. This is the best gift we can give our children, the gift of good work ethic, humility, and growth.

East forward. I found that I really had a desire to learn more about network marketing. Network Marketing has always been a part of my life in the past and in the present. I started with Prepaid Legal and then moved on to Mary Kay. then I discovered CBD, which has been a lifesaver for Xavier and for me. And my dedication to the network marketing business grew over time.

Today out of everything, my first love is Passive Income. And I'm proud to call myself a Passive Income Diva. I have created Passive Profits. a 90-day intensive program designed to assist service-based industry moguls in generating additional revenue streams through digital products and affiliate marketing. I've been blessed with the ability to teach entrepreneurs how to generate passive income. This entails increasing their visibility not only in their local communities but also globally.


My life journey has taught me to be confident, trust in people. and trust the process. My story is a fantastic illustration that when the lines seemed to run parallel, I worked as hard as possible to make ends meet. That to obtain your desires. you must go out and get them while believing in yourself.

Remember that the world is all about finding opportunities. The more you expose yourself. the more opportunities you will receive. As for me. I don't regret seizing the opportunities, and I would probably regret not seizing them. Nothing precious is handed to you on a silver platter. But I'm a Single mother, so I cannot simply give up.

Therefore. decide the type of life you desire and work diligently to achieve it. Work hard if you want to be successful.

Ask yourself, Are you willing to bear the pain of hard work? Or are you willing to sufTer the pain of regret for failing to give it your best when the opportunity presented itself?